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Antique Steel Traps

Looking for an old-fashioned, head-on collision course? You've found your excellent product! Our old-fashioned, Steel traps are designed to break down animal flesh like never before, but be aware: our traps can also be dirty, so make sure your place is clean before putting them to use. Still others may be inflamed, which can lead to further inflammation and infection, if you're wanting for an animal control or Antique Steel trap customer, pair of Antique Steel traps is the product for you.

Vintage Traps

This old trap is in unrivaled condition, the chain is original and imparts several repairs. The trap is fabricated of old steel, but is still effective, it is a good buy at this stage of its life. This rustic animal trap is a terrific alternative for people wanting for a vintage searching coincidence, the trap is old but in first-class condition, and is still straightforward to use. This trap is sensational for keeping animals out of the woods or this hunter trap 4 and 15 x6 design peerless for your man cave or man cave add-on, this trap diablo provides an old world feel to it with its rusticated surfaces and intricate design. The animal traps are in turn, providing some extra statement designs and this is an 3-longspring critter trap that measures 3 inches in circumference at the long end and is manufactured in the usa, it renders an 3-inch longridge and is set with an old trap value of 2. This trap is a first-class substitute for keeping birds away from your crops or other grapes.