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Weasel Traps

The duke 110 is an unique 2 traps system that is exceptional for the muskrat, this system offers a sturdy build and is top-quality for keeping your animals safe. The duke 110 system is straightforward to operate and is exquisite for the mink muskrat.

Best Weasel Traps

The duke 110 body grip traps are 3 traps set for the mink muskrat, they are set with 4 triggers that can be used to catch firewood, squirrels, or mice. The traps are straightforward to set and to operate and can be used to catch food, kill animals, or to keep animals from running away, the duke 110's body grip traps are peerless for catching weasels in the deep enough parts of the country. With 2 triggers, 4 body grip traps, and a powerful pause motion motor, the duke 110 are top for weasels in deep woods, gardens, and other areas, these traps are designed to catch Weasel and mink. They are 4 in count and have a d-ring for attaching to a coat of arms, they are body grip trap and need an 3-1/2" reach when caught. They are also 6" in height, they are straightforward to operate and make it uncomplicated to take down. This is an 6 new duke 110 body grip traps trap family that is just trying to terrorize us Weasel hounds, they are version 2. This family of traps is different in that it gives a new system of traps that grab onto the weasel, and pull them down, like a car the catch is that if the Weasel traps get too strong, the traps will break and release the weasel, who will then be captured and killed.