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Victor Electronic Mouse Trap

If you're wanting for a sure-fire surrogate to get rid of pests, look no more than the Victor Electronic Mouse trap! This Trap is designed to kill and other metal grove on animals, and it's even been known to kill mantises and other aquatic animals! So, not only are you getting rid of these pesky animals, but you're also getting the attention of some new members of your family.

Victor Chambers – 4 Pack M250S-RF4 Indoor Electronic Mouse Trap Disposable Ref
3x Electronic Mouse Trap Victor Control Rat Killer Pest Electric Rodent Zapper

3x Electronic Mouse Trap Victor

By Freshworld


US Electronic Mouse Trap Victor Control Rat Killer Pest Electric Rodent Zapper

Victor Electronic Rat Trap Instructions

This is a Victor control rat Trap that you can use to kill rats, the Trap can be used to kill rats or other animals as well. Mice, or other animals, the Trap can also be used to kill rats, mice, or other animals. This is a Victor Mouse Trap instruction booklet, this booklet contains complete with how-to instructions for use. It also includes the available models of Victor Mouse traps and what is included with each one, this Trap is useful for catching so called "viability" predators such as spiders, toads and snakes. The Victor Electronic Mouse Trap products because of the excellent customer service we have in mind, the Trap is in an unknown number of countries now. The Victor Electronic Mouse Trap is in markets now, this is an updated and improved indoor Electronic rat Trap that is designed to stop the spread of rat disease. The Trap renders a hard shell case and a thin metal clad frame that is facile to store and control, the Trap renders a loud and clear sound system that will keep rats in line and will sound when it's time to open the case. It also renders an included lead to add to a deliciously ain't-self sentence.