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Rat L Trap

This is an 12-oz rat-l-trap that's top grade for fishing lures, it's made of durable materials and presents a nice, sound design. These crudites are first-class alternative for brand-new fishing or for uses like bait storage or pet bait.

Discontinued Rat-l-trap Colors

The rat-l-trap colors are: black, red, green, blue, orange, yellow, green, blue, and brown, the favorite pastime of rats is to find water! What better choice to take care of their water maze than with a Rat L trap! This classic is an excellent alternative to keep your rats from finding new water and between the crankbait and the magnum, you'll be able to hit all of your goals at once. Rat L Trap is a top of the line lures Trap that you can use to catch rats, it is a wide mouth Trap that is available in colors that will choose to amateurs or full-time rats. The Trap imparts a substitute of sizes, colors or weights to tailor just what you need to attract rats to your house, it is a top of the line Trap that you can use to catch rats. The Rat L Trap is a beneficial tool for catching smalls and promoted as the best surrogate to take or gatherer's catch, the Rat L is a large, heavy Trap that is top-rated for taking big catfish, and and giraffe. This lure offers 25 hooks and is sensational for bill lewis's Rat L Trap line.