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Glass Wasp Traps

These large Glass Wasp traps are assorted colors and are top-of-the-line for keeping your sales up while keeping your store safe.

Glass Wasp Traps Ebay

The 17 b01, traditional Glass Wasp traps are powerful and effective surrogate to stop Glass wasps from entering your home. These traps are straightforward to operate and are designed to store the Wasp eggs, so you can't create the same problem again, the traps are also basic to clean and are left them to be used for years without any issue. This is a vintage antique clear Glass beehive shape mosquito fly Wasp pest trap custom made for your home, this trap is enticing for your home because it is facile to set up and use. The trapping of flies and wasps can be enhanced by the use of a Glass Wasp trap, this Glass Wasp trap is designed to catch and trap Glass wasps. It is 8 tall, made of metal with a whorled design, and provides a made in germany inscription, this is a top-grade anti- trap for suitors who have trouble catching flytrap pollen! The blueish green Glass catcher Wasp trap is a terrific substitute to prevent them from spread pollen throughout the garden. The trap is facile to operate and works with any type of flytrap.