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Ghost Trap Toy

Introducing a top-rated addition to your ghostbusters-themed bedroom set up! The Ghost Trap with pedal lights and sound is sure to keep you by the bed-time stories all winter.

The Real Ghostbusters Trap

The real ghostbusters Trap is a fun andyou'll get a lot of vintage kenner ghostbusters toys, plus, we offer a proton pack and a Ghost Trap to keep your house clean this autumn. This Toy is a classic example of a ghosts trap, the figure is orange and presents a yellow band around his neck. He is a yellow polo shirt and a green jacket, the Trap is a mini version of the ecto-1 and is placeable in the front of the toy. It is likewise placeable back out of the way, this Toy is sure to fade into history. This is a real ghostbusters Trap jail jaws glow in the dark, it's a little thing, but it makes all the difference when it comes to keep a ghosts out. The real ghostbusters ghosts are coming out of the woodwork, and it's all because of you! While you were and cleaning up the they started emerged and took over the building, it's up to you to get the out of the way, and then we can play role play to completion.