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Crawfish Traps

The promar tr-601 trap is a splendid trap for taking fish out of the water, it is fabricated of heavy-duty steel for stability and durability. Thetr-601 extends a deep-end and deep end with a break that makes it effortless to get the fish into the trap, thetr-601 is again equipped with a crinkle design that creates a small hole in the top that makes it effortless to get the fish in and out.

Crawdad Traps

This is a simple cast-and-dip trap that works with any fish, the minnow-like crawdad shrimp is a top-grade value and can be taken on fishing trips, as it presents a small, lightweight body and a small, do-able body. The cast-and-dip trap can be folded into a battery-powered fishing net, or used as a traps, biz on low-light trips. This heavy-duty torpedo trap is dandy for taking down crawdads and crayfish, it is manufactured of strong plastic and provides a soft grip for facile handling. The trap can be used for light fishing or for capturing heavy duty crayfish, this is a trapping coleman traps. Biz trap that we can use to capture and lure away a set of crawfish, this trap is heavy duty and best for use in a water habitat. It is superb for trapping Crawfish and other heavy duty fishing cages, this trap is additionally sensational for selling. The make their own traps used to be a substitute to get without having to worry about getting your hand in the water to catch a fish, but times have changed fish eat what ever and that is why we have made our own Crawfish traps! This is a very strong and heavy traps. Biz that is used to catch crawfish, the net is moreover effortless to clean and is exceptional for taking out the fish.