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Counter Trap Cards

Looking for Counter cards? Don't look anywhere than the tcg world superstars Trap cards, these Cards make an exceptional addition to your jolt Counter account and will help keep you on the center of the card table.

Yugioh Trap

The yugioh Trap pack 5 is a rare Trap that is best-in-the-class for use in your tcg 5 games, when in doubles, your opponent will be able to see your hand and start to make player hand choices. The yugioh Trap pack 5 also includes 4 unique Cards that can help your games along the way, this is a yugioh card. It is a card that tells the story of a Counter gate that is used in a battle between two organizations, the card is an ultra rare card and was released in the mvp1-en010 version. This card is a magical hat with an and tactics card on it, it is further fight like a boss with this Counter Trap card. This card is a Trap card that sets off a series of triples and other 1-of cards, it can be used to your advantage when your opponent is trying to keep the board alive.