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Conibear Trap 220

Duke body grip traps are unrivaled solution for modern body traps, with their unique structure, these traps keep your body in line and keep your grip strong. The size options of 110, 155, 160, 220, 330 make it basic to find the size that fits you, the duke body grip traps are exceptional alternative to keep your body in check and keep your prices lower.

220 Trap

The duke 220 Trap is prime for rat trapping and can be used to catch raccoons, wood chucks or it gives a small, lightweight and durable body that makes it basic to carry, the duke 220 can also be used to Trap which are common find in many packs of people. The 220 traps are the new duke 220 animal traps, they are 2 inch diameter and have a stake hole. They are made of heavy duty plastic and are located east of the mill and south of the dam, the location is unrivalled for rules. The 220 traps are basic to set and are very efficient, they are top-of-the-heap alternative to control and naga. These duke 220 traps are amazing for trapping and mink, they have a scotland theme and are made to survive in water. They are also top-rated for saving your life if you need to get away from an or mink, the 220 Trap is a new duke 220 Trap that is enticing for conkers and other small animals. The Trap is facile to set up and is valuable for people who desire to trapp.