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Blue Eyes Trap Card

The Blue Eyes Trap Card costs $25 and provides a rare Card like card, it will have 4 on it and is costing you $4. This Card is prime for that special someone you know.

Blue Eyes Trap Card Ebay

This Blue Eyes Trap Card is a splendid Card to add to your yugioh the legend of Blue Eyes white dragon unlimited deck, it allows you to add an extra Card to your hand each turn, making it a sensational Card to operate while playing a game. The Blue Eyes Trap Card is a Card that guarantees a vintage card, it is a bit of a mystery, but it is definitely from the series. This Card is in good condition and is an 3 for 2 on the card, this Card is a Blue Eyes trap! It removed all your effects and made your body normal! It's a bit of a tool to get you through a turn. This is a legendary card, it is a Trap Card that can be used to soul casting into any yu-yu book, video game, or movie. It is a very rare Card and needs to be used on a yu-yu book.