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Belisle Conibear Traps

This be lisle product family renders all the features you need to get the most out of your trapping needs, the traps are all new, every trap having a special o-ring to prevent water and noise leaks, and are sure to catch most prey. The be lisle traps also have a new design that ensures no sound or noise is made, except for the natural noise of the prey, so you can focus on catching the right prey.

Belisle Body Grip Traps

The be lisle body grip traps are top-grade alternative to catch prey quickly and easily, they can be used to trapper or catch predators in the field or in the backyard. The be lisle traps are made of durable materials that will not corrode or the traps are sensational substitute to protect your crops and produce from the bite of a predator, be lisle trap offers a sterling deal of protection for your animals. It is manufactured of durable materials and presents a belt type trap system that is straightforward to set up, the trap gives a large body grip that makes it difficult for animals to get down, and the mink medallion on the trap makes it difficult for animals to find food. This trap is splendid for admirers who ache to protect their animals and are not afraid of mink, these be lisle traps are designed to trapper's heart attack. They are super strong and efficient, making them unequaled for all types of trapping, the traps are made of durable materials, making them strong and reliable. Additionally, the trap offers a super soft touch, making it great for small hands, be lisle traps are top-rated substitute to keep your animals safe. These traps are 6"x6" and have a belt line and catch arm, the traps are equipped with and are made with a be lisle 100% non-toxic insulation. The traps are uncomplicated to set and are top-of-the-heap for all types of animals.