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Bear Trap Shoes

Bear Trap Shoes is an outstanding sight for shoppers seeking stylish and safe products, the Shoes come in size 6 m and are made of soft and comfortable leather. They also have a rhinestone-like detail on the front and back, the Shoes also come with a strap that can be used to carry them around.

Bear Trap Booties

The Bear Trap booties are peerless substitute to keep your bears away from your body! They are effortless to wear and will keep your feet and hands safe from attack, the slimmed down design means that you can get on with your life and continue living a healthy life. The size is 11 m and the taupe Shoes are free from the odor of a bear, these are peerless addition to your wardrobe and an enticing choice to keep yourself safe. These Shoes are stylish and comfortable at the same time, they come in different colors and styles, so you can find an exceptional pair for you. The boots are strong and durable, making them valuable for outdoor activities, the Trap ankle boots are top-of-the-heap for individuals after a Bear Trap ankle boot. The boots are brown leather and are size 8, and are made to help with getting through tight spaces. They are also designed to keep your feet warm and wet, with a special zippered pocket for your phone, the Bear Trap boots are sterling accessory for women's Shoes as they are made of leather and non-slip. The Shoes are comfortable to wear as they are made to be worn walking and are mediatized with a non-slip surface on the top of the foot.