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5 Gal Bucket Mouse Trap

Cone in, cone out, cone in, cone in.

Best 5 Gal Bucket Mouse Trap

This 5 Gal Bucket Mouse Trap is a dul-ladder slide Mouse Trap that compatible with an 5 Gal bucket, the Trap flip Bucket Mouse Trap is designed to keep you from losing your data or your hand. The Trap is manufactured of heavy-duty plastic and extends a green color, it is enticing for keeping your data safe. So you can easily get back in to your favorite spot in no time at all, the flip of a lever allows you to enter or leave your destination, which always appreciated when exploring a new place. The rat catcher is additionally very effective at catching even the most hearty rodent, the auto reset button ensures that this Mouse Trap always set up for a smooth ride home. Our 5 Gal Bucket Mouse Trap is an exceptional surrogate to keep your lab clean and avoid accidents, it's flip Bucket style so there is no risk of getting your hands dirty while working with your data. The Trap is compatible with all Mouse types and offers a low profile making it effortless to carry, this is an 5 Gal Bucket Mouse Trap that offers an automatic reset rat Trap flip slide compatible with it. The Trap can be used to catch mice and other animals small enough to be caught by it, the Trap offers a lid that can be opened and closed to release the rat. The Bucket is conjointly designed to catch animals if they fall into it, this Mouse Trap is good for catching animals small enough to be caught by it.